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Marie Antoinette (2006) dir. Sofia Coppola

outdoor spaces

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OP 30 Day Challenge | Day 3 - Favorite Scene

There are too many great scenes in op that I don’t really know what my fav scene is. I chose this one because it never fails to make me melt to the ground, the whole relationship of Luffy and Shanks is beautiful to me, and it’s great to see how much influence Shanks has on Luffy, that there’s truly love there. I figure it must be such a nice thing to have someone like Shanks in your life - someone you aspire to be like, someone who motivates you and drives you to chase your dreams, someone you can call your goal or your drive. And the greatest part is that Shanks loves Luffy just as much. It’s like the son he never had, and the father he never had too. I think it’s beautiful.

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